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HOT : December 2015 

Federal Reserve raises after the long recession period ending the recession cahos and paving the way to complete economic recovery. This December 2015 cites a US recovery as mentioned in the recent New York Times article: 
The article states a countdown to liftoff mentioning the US economy has finally healed and now healthy enough for borrowers in "normal" levels to avoid future inflation to further go up.

Seven years ago after Barack Obama took office when the FED placed the interest rates to almost 0 levels in order to boost the US economy. The last time the FEd raise interest rates was in 2006 when George W. Bush was president. 

It might be a little challenging for new or first time homebuyers or new auto loan borrowers due to this increase but those saving and investing will indeed get the good returns and profits.

What's happenng, an article from the Financial Times describes the probabilities on ranges of interest rates starting Jan. 26, 2016 to 0.5% around 90% citing that America has seen its longest private sector hiring spurt on record, and unemployment has halved since its peak in 2009. Even the Financial Times sites on US consumers the short term interest rates to be favorable for savers yet borrowers to prepare for the increase.

January 8, 2009

How did we whether two recessions in 1987 and 1998 and still outlive the 2009 one?

It is true that times are very tough nowadays especially for small home based businesses like ours.   However, based on experience hard times require a lot of entrepreneurs' patience and undertaking plus sacrifices.  The biggest and hardest part to overcome on an entrepreneurs dream is one's pride and ego especially if one wanted independence which is why he or she had started a small business after all. 

In the years that past, what I have seen and learned is trying to understand what my true calling and passion is about.  Over and over again, I have accepted the sacrifices I have to forego and eventually lost but still once again be on the retail business industry.   Yes, it requires a lot of money and revenue but the self fullfillment is priceless.

So it is up to us to decide what our true calling in life is about. Because when we know what it is, we will be determine to whether any storm, faced any hardship or economic downturns.  We may have to work to survive, we might have to do other things for survival but as long we keep focus on our dream there is nothing in this material world that can take the fullfillment and accomplishment we truly desire in our lives, for our family and for the future.

A typical saying for an entrepreneur sometimes has to be "Yes, We Can". We know that when there is hope, there is a will. When we are transparent especially to our dedicated loyal customers who have given us support and continue to satisfy their needs, our dreams will prevail regardless of tough times.

With best regards,

Alex Esguerra - CEO, ADLE International

Best Selling Author, "How Do You Integrate Sucess in a Small Business".


October 6, 2008

With barely a month before the US Presidential Elections, the American political climate has been bombarded by attacks on

both parties with the Demorcrats and Republicans..   From, soccer mom, mavericks, whatever spills, the biggest concern in

the greatest economic recession in the history of the world.  As people think about every single means of getting

income due to job loss or just absolutely no money, let us not forget to keep hoping and still the put our

ideas on a business planning perspective.  

August 8, 2008

Customer's Email Received:  What does your middle name "books" on Affordable-Books online" mean?

                                         Books are our launching and primary commoditized product.  It's like convenience, dreams, expectations and userability.                                                                 

                                         July 17, 2008   

                                         Memo to the CEO:  Take time to breath and merely observe predicaments.  We have just started in heightening competition and creating sophisticated customers and our relation to them.  As we emerge we tend to cause various events from replishments, spreadsheets, etc.., as we react quickly to the customers and how it fits into the daily culture and processes of our company.

F                                       From the Experience team.


                                         July 09. 2008:

                                         Feeedback received: Are you able to be contacted from South America if we have questions?

                                        Response to feedback: We are are currently working in developing this identified need from our customers.       This is not even the first time it was brought to us and we are really seriously making all efforts on developing  this that we can sustain. Thank you very much for the feedback.

                                        May 19, 2008 - Two customer speaks to us:

                                        Our question:  How did you hear about us? A friend of a friend referred you who has been a regular buyer of yours in the last five years

                                        Response:  It would be a great experience for us to know that loyal customer so we can thank him/her for the loyalty to our brand. But anyways, we consider your response even more valuable as you tookthe chance to let us know how we are doing in terms of delivering our products and services.

                                        Customer Feedback No. Two (2): What makes your product different from the rest as there are anyways so many online booksellers now adays!

                                        Our response: Our customer, their experiences creates our vision on what we are about. We are one out of 50 online medium booksellers that have an Abandonement Rate of 0%. In the world of marketing, this metric is use to gauge how orders are received but are not completed.

                                        Our lesson learned:  The customer is king and the world is yours.




                                        Mother's Day Inspirational Thoughts:

                                        What is a mother?  My mother is someone who places her family over self. She is a person with such great intentions to nurture, develop and train her children for a good future and destiny.

                                        Sometimes, she is misunderstood yet she has the best intentions in her heart. It's about family. It's faith, religion, sprituality and well being. A mother's sacrifice is not just sacrificial but exemplary. She will skip a meal so that her children's nourishment will not be impacted at all.

                                        As a wife, she is not only the brain, power and financial planner but she is the greatest friend, ally companion and lover that a husband can wish for in their lifetime.

                                       Yet, when MOM's Day come only once a year, people think it's pure advertising and business.  Only when we experience losing a great mother will we truly understand why God, Allah or the almighty had created our mother's.

                                        Live your life, and greet your mother with two words whenever you see them, "THANK YOU".

                                        In memory of Senora Lucia de leon Esguerra and Dona Eloisa Javier De Leon.

                                        Matriach and Grand Matriach of the ADLE Group.


                                         Dear Friends, Customers and Patrons:

                                         We have develop this page solely for interactions with our customers and Patrons. It is where     your feedbacks, testimonials and concerns will be posted honestly and objectively.    However, due to privacy laws we may not give your full address and information.

                                         Please make use of this page as this is your "TOWN HALL MEETING" place among other patrons.

                                         Towards my journalistic and blogging customer retention has a lot to do with what the customers level of satiscfaction is. Unfortunately, it is so hard to measure as different people have different viewpoints and personalities.  Quoted from: Alex Esguerra, Founder of ADLE International.

                                         However, we will try our best to let our customers have Free Expression as long as professional writing and communicating styles are engaged.

                                         In the meantime, please email any of your comments to us at: customerservice@affordable-booksonline.com                              

                                                                                                                         We hope to hear from you soon.

                                                                                                                          Carlos Rodiriguez

                                                                                                                           COO and DOS

                                                                                                                           ADLE International


                                                                        The Bridge to our Readers and Customers





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