The Talk: What Your Kids Need to Hear from You About Sex

The Talk: What Your Kids Need to Hear from You About Sex

By: Maxwell Ph.D., Sharon

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A groundbreaking resource to help jump start an ongoing discussion between parents and teens about sex and sexuality Internet chat rooms, boy/girl sleepovers, reality TV . . . there's more to "the talk" than ever before. Faced with a culture that pushes our kids to be "sexy" before puberty begins, how do we explain the power of sexuality in a way that promotes healthy, age-appropriate behavior?
"The Talk" is a breakthrough resource for parents and educators that prepares kids for a hypersexualized world and lays the foundation for ethical sexual behavior that can guide our children from elementary school through college.
Using real-life situations, Dr. Sharon Maxwell demonstrates how dramatically the world of preteen and teen sexual exploration has changed. She helps parents think through the message they want to give to their kids about sexual behavior, and how that message must evolve as their kids get older. Focusing on the importance of love and intimacy, Dr. Maxwell helps parents define their values about sex and gives concrete ways to share those values with teens.
"The Talk" shows parents how to:
* Set family guidelines for safe Internet use
* Address the social power that comes from looking sexy, and the personal responsibility each of us has to use that power appropriately
* Discuss the moral aspects of sexuality in ways teens will understand
* Help children recognize the difference between feelings of sexual desire and love
* Develop principles with our teens that will help them figure out when it's okay to be sexual with someone and when it's not
Dr. Maxwell connects the dots between reproduction, the potent power of sexiness, sexual desire, emotional intimacy, and the spiritual dimension of sexuality. Offering an innovative framework for looking at human sexuality, this book has the potential to change the national conversation on sex education.

Title: The Talk: What Your Kids Need to Hear from You About Sex

Author: Maxwell Ph.D., Sharon

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Publisher: Avery: 2008-04-10

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