Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America

Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America

By: Constantine, Alex

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A comprehensive expose of the control the U.S. government exerts over citizens' minds
-- Eight original essays explore government intrusion into the lives of millions of Americans
-- Analyzes specific examples of CIA misdeeds, from the various Post Office massacres to the McMartin preschool case

In this follow-up to his 1995 book Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A., conspiracy researcher Alex Constantine explores the government's misinformation campaigns as well as its most insidious programs about which little is known.

In the first of the book's eight detailed essays, he describes Operation Mockingbird, a secret operation used by the CIA to infiltrate the mainstream media in order to affect what and how American citizens think. Other chapters discuss:
-- How the ClA uses cults to lay the groundwork for trauma-based programming, such as in the shocking McMartin preschool case
-- The O. J. Simpson/Florida/Hollywood mob connection, particularly Simpson's jet-setting between Florida and Los Angeles, and reveals the probable killers of Nicole Simpson
-- How the ClA sheltered the infamous Nazi "Doctor of Death" Joseph Mengele and then sabotaged a Holocaust investigator who planned to testify about it
-- How the Food and Drug Administration lies about the safety of NutraSweet, which can kill people who consume it in large amounts

Virtual Government is a compelling book for readers interested in conspiracy theory and for those who find the official version of events hard to swallow.

"Perhaps the foremost journalist and contemporary historian of the murky world of vice and vice-squads". -- Donald Freed, author of Killing Time

Title: Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America

Author: Constantine, Alex

Categories: History,

Publisher: Feral House: 1997-07-01

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